Know The Facts

BEWARE, don’t be tricked or pressured into paying to much.

DON’T BE HUSTLED by salesmen bashing other companies.

MANY PEOPLE PAY three to four times more only to see the epoxy fall apart. Don’t let this happen to you!

ASK YOURSELF, when a company comes down in price, are you getting the best quality?

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE PURCHASED from Miracle Stone and saved enough to go on vacation!

CAUTION! When a company gives a lifetime guarantee, will they be around to back it up?

BEWARE of companies trying to sell you a SMALLER STONE. You are NOT getting the same quality! We use larger stone which lasts longer, it is easier to clean, and is more durable.

WE USE BETTER EPOXY, so there is no top coat needed. A quality stone with quality epoxy should never need a top coat.

BEWARE OF HIGHER QUOTES and then the salesman reduces the price.

BEWARE of companies trying to SELL SEALER. If they used quality epoxy they would not need a sealer.

COMPARE US to the competition. Google search us and our competitors to see which companies have the highest rating with the better Business Bureau and have favorable customer reviews.

THE MORE YOU LOOK, the more you will agree that Miracle Stone is the right choice.



A – Miracle Stone prides itself on providing a quality product for a fair price. If you receive a quote that is unusually low, you are most likely going to get a lesser quality product.


A – Miracle Stone uses larger stone. Larger stone lasts longer, is more durable, and easier to clean than smaller stone. This is all we use. Make certain to ask what size stone they are using if you get a lower quote from a competitor. Chances are good you will get a less durable stone that will need repaired or replaced.


A – Sure, anyone can offer a lifetime warranty. But how do you know they will be there to back it up when you need them? Do some research on us and our competitors and see how we compare. We have a Three Star Rating with the Better Business Bureau and you can research our company in Google under “stone flooring Cleveland Ohio.


A – We only use the finest epoxy to hold the flooring in place. It is a two part epoxy specially formulated to withstand various natural elements and climate conditions. Miracle Stone has a natural toughness that is unaffected by freezing and thawing.


A – Miracle Stone does not use pushy sales people who will promise almost anything to make the sale. We want you to be happy with your purchase for years to come. You will get honest, straight forward, information and pricing that you can trust right from the start.

Miracle Stone wants you to make the right decision for you and your family or business. We have built the trust of our customers because we treat them as we want to be treated. We give them a quality product at a great price… guaranteed. Give us a call today for a free quote.