Miracle Stone is an elegant river stone held together by a special industrial formulated epoxy and is applied to old and new concrete surfaces. Each stone is coated with an epoxy binder and then troweled into place to form a strong honeycomb structure.

An additional interlocking tie coating is used on outside work to ensure unmatched durability and strength.

Miracle Stone is a versatile, durable, flooring option that may be used to bring out the beauty of many “high traffic” areas such as:

*Basements *Garage Floors *Laundry Rooms *Concrete Steps *Locker Rooms  *Brick Steps *Pool Decks *Concrete Patios *Hot Tubs *Concrete Slabs *Concrete Walkways *Stoops *Terraces and  *Entrance Ways.

There are literally countless other ways to use Miracle Stone® including areas to replace old cracked concrete or worn out brick surfaces

Miracle Stone’s durability exceeds all other forms of flooring combined. Remember our main ingredient is stone; it lasts forever.

Miracle Stone is easily maintained with just soap and water. Driveway surfaces should be resealed every 3 to 4 years.

Miracle Stone has a full lifetime warranty that includes free annual inspections.

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